A powerful  and dark thriller.

An exploration of how our past still haunts us and unpredictably affects our relationships

The first instalment in the trilogy of novels by Julie Singleton




In the highly explosive world of family law Sarah Walters is the sophisticated, successful lawyer and media personality who everyone wants on their side when their relationship ends. Love Bites takes you on an exploration through her cases which unfold with disarming and provocative surprises.

Sarah's ex-husband Peter, is a loving father to their daughter Chloe and a dedicated barrister. The failure of their marriage haunts them both, but only one of them knows the real reason it fell apart.

Anthony is a loving husband and step-father, yet he is accused of a terrible crime. He has hidden a dark secret since childhood and as the secret is exposed, it draws in unexpected players...

Geoffrey is a serial womaniser, who has recently left his wife and mother of his children to start a relationship with the wife of one of Sarah's former clients...

Brett and Jane and their two daughters are the perfect family. They have just moved into their dream home, but the dream turns into a nightmare...

Then there's Phillip who believes money and power can buy any woman...



Julie Singleton was born in Kluang Malaysia, in 1966 and now lives in Sydney, Australia. She has four children and was admitted to practice as a lawyer in NSW in 1989.

Julie has worked mainly in the area of Family and Property Law. In 2009, Julie became one of the first graduates of the newly introduced Masters of Applied Law (Family Law). In 2011 Julie completed a Certificate of Mediation and a Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution becoming an accredited Mediator.

Love Bites is Julie's first novel featuring family lawyer Sarah Walters.



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